the Swedish education system

This contribution will be all about the Swedish education system is a bit complicated. You start kindergarten when you´re 6 years old. At the age of 7 it is time for school. The system is graduated in three scales.

Lower school (Lågstadiet) where you go your first three years, year one, two and three.

Neatly it is intermediary school (mellanstadiet) were you go your third, fifth and sixth year.

Upper school (högstadiet) is the last graduate in the scale. The seventh, eighth and ninth year. It is these three years that all students wants to be cool and heard. People grow as persons. They can be a bit immature, annoying and girly girl but that is a part of the process of becoming an adult I guess.

After the ninth grade most people goes to high school (gymnasium) were it´s a bit more concentrated things you learn depending on what you have chosen for orientation. Gymnasium is also in three years.

Then it´s time for University (Högskola) and it´s like an advanced course of gymnasium. It´s also a chance for you who have second though about your previous education to change completely. Some people studies for all their life and so is longing to start work. It is different from people to people.

That was all i had to say for now, Love Molly <3

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2011-08-18 @ 08:49:46

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