Celebration time

Hello again!

It has been a while since last time and it has happened a lot such as I’ve been in Åre. I had a wonderful time, meeting new friends, eating pleasant food and best of all skiing all day long. I was a bit worried at first because of me being the only girl in our house, but that turned out great, I got to know three new nice people. Everything was truly lovely and fantastic, I wouldn´t doubt a second if I had the chance to go there again.

Me and my friends in Åre 

Me in Åre

During the time that I was in Åre the whole country celebrated all hearts day, 14 February. A day filled with love. A day when you are supposed to think good about people and show people in your surrounding that they are special in one way or another.

A beautiful love song according to me Bryan Adams with Everything I do


Yesterday was another special day, it was the cream buns day. It is like sweet bread flavored with cardamom. The top of the bun has been cut off as a cover and powdered with icing sugar.  The bun is filled with almond icing and cream. 


Love Malin


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