Dear blog, it is time for me to start this Swedish project with a contribution were I will talk about travelling in Sweden. Sweden has a lot to give,  I will mention some of the things that you can visit in Stockholm.

Our capital city, Stockholm is a must to visit, it has much to offer. I would recommend you to go and visit a musical, a museum or the Ericsson Globe.

I have seen 3-4 musicals on Göta Lejon, in my life and I love every one of them. No one is the same. A famous musical is Mamma mia who also is a movie.

If you´re more like a museum person Cosmonova the Swedish museum of natural history is a funny place to go to, If you want to know about natural science and learn more about our body, the climate or human beings etc.

Another museum is the vasa museum who is the world’s only surviving 17th-century ship. It is really cool actually.


The Ericsson Globe looks like a golf ball. They offer a lot of events in the globe such as hockey or concert performance. They have started a new attraction named skyview and it is like an elevator/ a gondola taking you up along the outside of the Ericsson globe so that you can see Stockholm from above.

That was everything I had to say for today.

Love Malin


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