Sing along :D

I like Swedish music in contrast with people that are surrounding me say, it has something special about it. It´s hard to define my music stile, actually I hardly know myself, what I listens to, I have a mixed stile. Normally it´s my sister that gives my knowledge about music, she has a good ear for music or people around me. Caroline (my sister) introduced me to Melissa Horn, who is a great singer.

ABBA was/is a classic Swedish band with lots of good songs. They makes you happy where ever you are and in every condition. The musical that I was talking about in an earlier contribution “Mamma Mia” is based on the music of ABBA. Sadly ABBA has shattered or it was a while ago more exactly in 1983.

A traditional competition called Melodifestivalen is arranged every year here in Sweden.  The contest was about schlager, it is a music genre, now it´s a bit more modern. The contest is goes on now. You can listen to every performance on

Lars Winnerbäck and Håkan Hellström are two brilliant but different artists. They remind me and make me longing for the summer.

Mando Diao is the last band that I will be talking about, they are the Swedish comparison with The beatles. Make your own opinion about the band by listening to this song.


Love Malin aka Maleno


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