Swedish sport

 “Innebandy” floorball is THE ideal Swedish sport in my family. I don´t think my parent have missed a match that my sister have played. They are true supporters, sometimes I can feel that it´s a bit embarrassing that the whole family always is on every game. Just because we being the only whole family supporting. It feels like I should have better things to do. But I like seeing them play and on top of that it has become a family thing that we have in common which is a beautiful thing. Today for example were we in Uppsala, Allianshallen and saw my cousin play. It was a very tuff match but the team (Alunda) that I was cheering for won.

My sister in blue when she plays floorball

Carro(my sister) in the left corner

Floorball is a team sport. A match is played between two teams and the team that makes the most goal wins.

The ball

Otherwise Bandy is pretty big sport in Sweden. It´s like Hockey but bigger goal and a much harder ball (more often orange). I don´t know about the rules but it looks like Hockey. See http://svt.se/bandy and find out more. You can see a match there.


The thing that we are most happy about today is that Sweden woman took OS gold yesterday in curling!

Sweden woman, curling!

Love Malin

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