What´s a typical Swede?

What´s a typical Swede, a quite calm person who can be shy and reserved. Some may say that most people are having a hard time making bond, meeting new people and taking contact with people but I wouldn´t say that, I think it´s up to everyone of us. I think it has to do with shyness to take the first step. Something that I’ve learned for the past few years, it comes with the self esteem.

We are hard working and very punctual. I must say that people can be a bit self-absorbed when it comes to, for example getting on the bus first or finding a seat on the bus. We are tremendous good at meeting friend and go for a “quick” coffee lasting for a few hours. 

Some may say that a typical Swede is someone with a Volvo, husband or wife, baby, a dog and a big house. I know I don´t want that, I want to see the world and experience something, be someone. It´s good to have the desire to believe in yourself and actually work for your dreams. My problem is decision-agony and not knowing what I want with my life. I guess that will come with time.


I founded a funny picture that defines a woman and a man, how they look at them self in a mirror. I don´t know if it´s only me or only Sweden or the whole world that can see themselves in it.

Love Malin <3

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