Alcohol and drugs

Alcohol is something that concerns everybody. It can be social and it can be NOT so social when it goes out of hand. You have to be twenty years old to buy Alcohol (that outreach 3,5 percentage by volume) on the public utility “Systembolaget”. Beer and cider that has less then 3,5 percentage by volume can be bought in a assorted grocery but you have to be eighteen years old.

The Swedish climate doesn´t adapt to wine cultivation, on our degree of latitude does seed adapt better. Typical Swedish Alcohol is schnapps, vodka but also beer and wine.

The only “drug” that I can say something about is Tobacco. Cigarettes are quite usual here in Sweden. I know a lot of young people but also adult that smokes. Snuff “snus” is very common and legal here. Snuff is like thick black grain that you but under your lip. A person that tries to stop smoking often starts with Snuff instead, as if that would be better. It´s better when it comes to tobacco smoke pollution, snuff harms only the snuffer.

Over and out nilaM


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