It will last forever!

For how long will it last, this winter is the coldest for a long time. The earth has been covered with white shiny snow since the middle of December. I bet all the children think it´s amazing. It has been amazing, a lovely winter but please it´s enough. I long for the summer, warm summer nights with lots of barbecue and wellbeing. Being with friends doing all sort of things like for example going to Stockholm and see the show Allsång på skansen that also is sent on TV. That gives me summer feelings.

A summer picture of my sister a warm summer night 2009

I will be driving a folkrace car this summer and I don´t know how it happened but in some surprisingly weird way, I decide to give it a go. My father was driving in his youth and wanted to do it again but not alone so I joined him. I see this opportunity as a adventure, a memory to share with my father and a thing that we have in common.


This summer is something extra ordinary happening in Sweden, Stockholm. The royal family will expend with one member. Crown princess Victoria is going to get married with Daniel Westling, Saturday the nineteenth of June. It is going to be exciting and fun to watch I will definitely be there when they get married.

The royal family

Daniel Westling and Crown princess Victoria

Love Malin


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