Some of all Swede Animals

I was thinking to share some few lines information about the Swedish animals or at least four or five of them. I will start with the “king of the forest” the moose. The moose is a ruminant which means that he eats for example blueberry springs and heath. It´s a very noble deer animal that often is seen alone except for mating season. 

The king of the forest = the moose

Another animal that keeps growing in Sweden is the wild boar. It is a kind of pig animal that lives free in the forest. A problem is that they are moving closer to the community now days. They move as a group and are omnivore (the eats “everything” meaning for example potato, mushroom, mice and snakes)

A wild boar

Brown bear is one of all the animals that have made some of my childhood days hard, since I was wildly afraid of them when I was in my family’s summerhouse. I couldn´t sleep, I was so afraid that I felt sick even though I never have seen one free in real life only on the zoo. Brown bear is active during the nights and they are omnivores. Sweden has a lot to offer when it comes to animals but it´s getting late so I have to take the other another day.

Brown bear

Sleep well Malin


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