Unwritten rules

So what is an unwritten rule, something that is legal according to the state laws but not okay in the society or at least something that you shouldn´t do, something that no one expects you to do. Like for example when people are standing in line and someone goes a head in line and doesn´t respect them who actually has waited for their turn. That is unacceptable for Swedes. To stand in line is a typical Swedish behavior.

Another exemplary unwritten rule is the fact that we never chooses to sit close to someone on the bus. People have their bags on the site next to them so that no one will sit there. If there is an empty double bus site, you are expected to choose that one before sitting close to someone. In other countries it is considered rued not to choose the sit next to a person but that isn´t the case here. There is exceptions of coures.

A bus

Young people have their own rule or at least girls, they can´t buy the same clothes as there friend have. That is both embarrassing and like almost forbidden to them. I remember when it was extra hard to buy clothes, it was the time when everyone including you, started to care about your own look and style. I guess it was the time when boys became more interesting than just being friends.

Not going out when it is sunny outside and lovely weather is more like a shame. The sun times are precious and can´t go to waste.

Love Malin


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